Set set for dissidents to speak out as BSY calls for BJP legislative party meeting

Upon returning from Delhi after meeting with central party leaders, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa announced that a meeting of the BJP legislative party would be called on July 26, the day he completed his two-year term in office. This has now set the stage for dissidents for a show of force and to voice their grievances.

Amid intense speculation about a change in leadership after the veteran leader’s two-year tenure in the state, the scheduled second anniversary reunion appears to have only raised the stakes.

Announcing the meeting after arriving in Bengaluru after his two-day visit to Delhi, during which it was reported that he had offered to step down, Mr Yediyurappa sought to paint a picture of control. He said the party’s high command had tasked him with securing a victory for the BJP in the 2023 Assembly and 2024 Lok Sabha polls. “So to get everyone on this business, I called our legislative party meeting on July 26, he said. He also said he would travel to Delhi again in the first week of August.

However, sources say the chief minister has been resisting the dissidents’ request for a party legislative meeting for more than two months, fearing it could turn into a platform for a show of force by their dissidents. go.

“Considering the way he announced the legislative party meeting after meeting with party chairman JP Nadda and Amit Shah, it is evident that the high command ordered him to convene it. We will discuss all our issues to the tune at the meeting, including the request for a change of leadership, ”said a senior dissident party leader, indicating that it would be a rocky affair.

Silence from above

Sources close to Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, while claiming he would remain chief minister and that the high command had not asked him to resign, said he was “unhappy with the lack of display of confidence” in him. .

“There was no talk of a change of leadership, but Yediyurappa expressed his displeasure that the high command did not end the daily speculation about a change of leadership in Karnataka. As the media speculated on his resignation on Saturday, he was left alone to defend himself and no one from the high command clarified the matter. This weakens not only his position, but also that of the government and the party in the state, ”said one of his relatives.

Meanwhile, the high command’s silence was read as tacit support for their demands by dissidents.

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