Poll Shows West Virginia Residents Don’t Want Legislature To Ban Warrants Over COVID-19 Response | VM News

CHARLESTON, West Virginia (WV News) – A new West Virginia Chamber of Commerce poll found that four in five voters in West Virginia view COVID-19 and the new Delta variant as a serious problem, 57% voters who believe the worst is yet to come.

“The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce recently sponsored a statewide poll of voters to determine whether opposition to efforts to end the pandemic was shared by more than a small voice minority. It was not, “said Speaker of the House Steve Roberts.

Specifically, the poll shows residents don’t want lawmakers to stop businesses and other entities like school boards from implementing masks or immunization warrants.

Republican national polling firm North Star Opinion Research conducted the statewide survey.

The main takeaways from the survey are as follows:

– A majority of voters (51%) believe that hospitals in their region are reaching capacity, while only 28% believe there is still capacity.

– 64% are very or somewhat worried that in the event of serious illness there will be no more hospital beds available.

– 69% of West Virginia voters believe local school boards, not the West Virginia legislature, should make decisions about how to keep children safe in school.

– 67% of voters in West Virginia said they believe employers should decide whether employees should be vaccinated, compared with just 18% who think the state legislature should.

– The governor’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his aggressive efforts to encourage West Virginia to get vaccinated receive overwhelming approval, with few differences by party. Sixty-four percent of registered voters approve of the governor’s handling of the pandemic, and only 31 percent disapprove of it. Contrary to the partisan divisions evident in so many states, the governor’s handling of the pandemic receives approval from 67% of Republican voters, 66% of independents and 57% of Democrats.

– The overall approval of the work of the governor of justice is also very high. Overall, 59% of West Virginia voters approve of his job performance and 31% disapprove of him. Republican voters approve by 69 to 23 percent, independents approve 57 to 31 percent, and Democrats approve 47 to 44 percent.

“The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping businesses and employers in Mountain State end this pandemic and normalize the nation’s economy,” said Roberts. “To this end, we support the decisions of employers statewide to do their best to protect their employees while upholding protected class rights through reasonable accommodation.”

This survey of 600 voters was conducted by live callers from a randomly selected sample from the list of registered voters across West Virginia. All respondents confirmed that they were registered to vote. The calls were made from September 7 to 9, 2021. Call quotas were set by gender, age and county based on the number of voters in each county. The margin of error for the full sample is ± 4.00 percent.

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