Legislative assembly

Limit the mandate of the Prime Minister, proposes Bersatu Sabah

Khairul Firdaus

KOTA KINABALU (August 1): Bersatu Sabah’s information chief, Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan, has suggested that there be a time limit on the prime minister’s tenure to avoid abuse of power.

Firdaus pointed out that in the case of Sabah, it was proposed in the State Legislative Assembly that the tenure of the Chief Minister be limited to two terms.

“The same is also needed for the post of Prime Minister because the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister are the highest leaders of the country and the state, it is appropriate that these posts have a time limit because we want avoid abuse of power as the quality of service to the population must be maintained and prioritized, he said.

Khairul Firdaus felt that if there is no term limit, the new ideas of the new rulers will be delayed, hindered, unable to come true.

“And even worse, various negative impacts will also occur later, which will discredit the name and system of government in our own country,” he said.

According to Khairul Firdaus, setting a limit on the duration of a government post is also necessary because it is seen as more pragmatic.

“It will be more pragmatic for the country, more practical and more realistic because logically, an individual (in post) will have a certain amount of time to implement a program or a project which could be affected when too much time passes. has elapsed.

“For example, in the aspect of government, when someone has been in a certain position for too long, there is the possibility of problems such as misconduct,” he said, adding that there are however has those who are consistent and remain excellent at taking on the responsibilities given to them.

Khairul Firdaus also claimed that in reality, people today find it difficult and rather complicated to trust politicians who hold positions of power.

“In our country, various problems have arisen and we are aware that they are sometimes out of control, for example our efforts to restore our economy which has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“However, at the same time, there are several incidents involving our political ‘actors’ which have become a source of concern for people at the local level. People are struggling to earn a living and feed their families, but political actors seem unaffected,” he said.

“That’s why a deadline needs to be set for management (because) we want a mechanism to curb issues like this,” he said in a statement on Monday.

Khairul Firdaus also said that if no new action or mechanism is implemented and executed, it is not impossible that various problems will arise in the future, which will surely be a burden for the country and the people.

“We have to go down to the field and find out the issues that affect the rakyat so that we can find ways to solve them. Now is not the time for us to become the talk of foreign countries as a country that seems to ignore people’s problems.

“We must act immediately,” said Khairul Firdaus.