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After the first year

After the first year, students can choose to continue living in a residential college, join a living learning community, or move into a standard university residence. Almost all undergraduate students choose to live on campus all of their time at Vanderbilt.

Students pursuing the Residential College program will move to an upper division house, where they will remain for the remainder of their time as Vanderbilt undergraduate students. This allows students to participate in ongoing programming and form a tight-knit community.

Vanderbilt’s Living Learning Communities provide students with similar educational interests the opportunity to live together in halls of residence. Each community is usually sponsored by an academic department, but students from any school or discipline are welcome.

There are also 12 standard residences available for students after their first year. The facilities are similar to the other residences, but they do not have faculty directors or the same level of organized programming. Students at these standard residences can also change residences each year, rather than continuing to live with the same group.

While graduate and professional students have historically lived off campus, a new on-campus housing option for these students is under development and is expected to open before the 2023-2024 academic year. Equipped with common workspaces in addition to personal residences, the new accommodations will promote immersive learning beyond the classroom while providing practical accommodation at a lower-than-market rate.

In the meantime, graduate and professional students can continue to use Vanderbilt’s off-campus referral service to browse listings from landlords specifically looking for Vanderbilt-affiliated tenants, as well as those from Vanderbilt students looking for roommates.

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