Upper house

A house catches fire in the Upper Malipeth area, in the Kishtwar district; no victim for the moment

A house was burnt down in the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. Located in the upper part of Malipeth, the house was devastated by a fire in the early hours of Saturday morning. The local police station was notified and staff rushed to the scene with firefighters. Firefighters try to put out the blaze. The house was completely destroyed, however, there are no reports of injuries or loss of life to the residents of the house.

In the recent incidents in Kishtwar district, where a house caught fire and the flames spread from house to house in the village. Authorities wanted to avoid a similar scenario and deployed a large number of firefighters to ensure the blaze was under control. The residents of the house left the scene in a timely manner, which made it possible not to injure themselves.

Fire at a Burari residence in Delhi

In a similar incident in Delhi, a 12-year-old boy was burned alive after a fire broke out at his residence in Delhi’s Burari district on Friday evening. According to officials, the household items were kept on the first floor, which caught fire and then spread throughout the house. The house is located in the Tomar settlement of the Burari region. Firefighters said they received information about the blaze at 8:54 p.m. and immediately sent out three tenders to control and extinguish the blaze. They soon discovered that the boy named Puneet had been burned alive.

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